$250 Giveaway

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Hi Thriftsters!

We are giving back to the best people out there, meaning our customers! We are so excited to launch our first giveaway that we are giving away quite the shopping spree. Two-hundred and fifty dollars can go a long way at our American Thrift Stores!

Hurry and enter online for your chance to win. Sign up with your email address and like our Facebook page. Think of all the treasures you’ll find with the $250 in your pocket. We often sell brand-name items at half their regular price. You may have Zach Norris’ luck, who spotted a 1959 Jaeger-Lecoultre watch in a jewelry case at a thrift store back in April. No one knew how much the watch was really worth. He bought it for six dollars and resold it for $35,000 on a watch collectors’ website.

Try your luck at our American Thrift Stores, you’ll be sure to find something great. Get your floral print-summer dress with beach totes and shoes to complete your perfect beach getaway. In this Florida summer, you have to hurry and catch the sun rays before the rain. Be sure to purchase all the essentials without breaking the bank at our stores.

We also always carry something special for our local Florida families. Get those “back-to-school” outfits ahead of time at half the price.  We have daily discounts on certain items for up to 50% off. The lucky winner of the giveaway can combine our sales with their prize and be sure to get their money’s worth.  Enter now to win your American Thrift Stores $250 shopping spree!