7 Tips to Thrift

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Shop with a purpose!

Always have an idea of what you are looking for. Even if you are hoping to find a rare treasure amidst the fray, that in itself is a purpose. Keep that in mind when you see the typical accessories you can find at any store. Make sure to visit only the isles of collectible items within the store that will have what you are looking for, if that is that you want.

Do Your Research

If you have an eye for collectibles, make sure you double check its quality first! Turn to your handy dandy smartphone for a simple, quick search on the item in question. That way, you’ll be sure that there’s an opportunity to resell the item or you will know if it will be of value to keep in your collection.

New Merchandise

Find out when the store gets its merchandise. As far as the American Thrift Stores, we receive new merchandise daily. Usually very early in the morning is the best time to view all the new merchandise that the store just received from the night prior. Every day is a new opportunity to find something wonderful.

Recondition when Possible

When it comes to thrift stores, the savviest shoppers know what items can be “updated” to offer more value. An old t-shirt for example, can be repurposed as a scarf with the right cuts. A thick, leather belt can become several new bracelets. Serious “thrifters” also know exactly how to recondition furniture. It is not easy to know when a quick sanding and a new coat of paint will transform a coffee table from “dowdy” to “vintage,” but when you do, you can recondition most anything.

Take Your Time

Thrifting is all about patience. Sometimes you find ten things you needed in a row and sometimes you find one in a hidden corner of the store. Our isles are so huge that not looking through every piece of merchandise would be a waste. You might miss out on the unique jewelry, blouses, pants or brand name items that you would otherwise not find at such low prices.

Take your Senior Citizen to Work Day

Many thrift stores offer senior discounts for senior citizens, and our stores are no different. In fact, we offer a whole senior citizen day every Wednesday and you don’t even have to be a senior to qualify, as long as you are fifty years of age or above you will be able to receive a whole fifty percent off  most store items.

Collect for Collectors

Collectors take “thrifting” very seriously, and that is because they know that collecting can yield high profit margins. If looking for items that collectors would kill for, you would be keen to shop at our American Thrift Stores.  Every day we receive new merchandise that may or may not have incalculable value. Hurry and check out what new merchandise we have in-store today!