Cheap Accessories in South Florida

Cheap Accessories in South FloridaCheap Accessories in South Florida

As we all know, first impressions are hard to shake, and looks count. The first impressions make up what our new bosses might think of us. American Thrift Stores is a South Florida leader in low cost/high quality goods and accessories. Accessories help you face whatever the day brings and keep you feeling good and looking your best.

First impressions, if not made right, can cost people a prospective job, relationship or the opportunity of a lifetime! This is why dressing right for the occasion is so important, nearly as important as what’s on your resume. But not everyone thinks about the accessories that can help land them a job.

Accessories are basically wearable art, like women’s scarves, tops bracelets, bow ties or suspenders and sarongs- whether conservative or a little bit more Avant-garde, can communicate so much more about who you are than a piece of paper. Would you like your tie to say, “I’m reliable and fun” or “I’m careless and inadequate”? Of course, you want to choose the correct tie! It’s all about accessorizing appropriately for the situation.

Accessories make all the difference between simply “getting dressed” and dressing up. Having a wide selection of accessories on-hand can really help you take one suit from the office to an evening out on the town, or help you take the same suit to a wedding and finally to a party. Same goes for a casual dress. Heels and a belt will prepare the dress for everything the night has to offer while a business jacket will have you looking professional for that morning meeting the next day.

If you are new to accessorizing, our American Thrift Store experts can help! The recommended way to accessorize is to establish a foundation of good-quality staple colors such as blue, black or brown and then expand their versatility by adding accessories. Accessories can be a lot of fun, especially with the changing of the seasons- a burnt orange scarf can be a perfect addition to a fall jacket, for instance. American Thrift Stores has $0.99 cent and up scarves for all your fall and winter needs! Don’t miss this year’s “pumpkin spice” trend because you didn’t shop in time.

Any outfit can look completely different depending on the accessories. For instance, a dark gray blouse when complimented with a plum necklace and crystal-bracelet is great for winter-time, but the same top with mint-green earrings and a pearl choker is instantly “summery.” Likewise, a nice pastel-blue dress shirt in the summer and a patterned, bold blue tie can make any men’s formalwear seem “summery.”

By choosing some great accessories, you can “grow” your wardrobe without having to spend double on new threads. And what better place to garner the largest and cheapest collection of accessories than the American Thrift Stores? We have scarfs, hats, gloves, belts, ties and more starting at $0.99! Multiply the outfits in your closet by three when you accessorize right, that is the true value of discount accessories for sale at American Thrift!

When it comes to finding and building on your own personal style, it is all about your personality and expressing it through some of those best-value accessories. Carve out a little bit of individuality, pick the accessories that reflect your own sense of style. American Thrift Stores is here to help you accessorize with 50% OFF specials every day and jewelry sales at 25% OFF! Drop by our closest store near you to find the perfect piece to compliment your entire closet.