Cheap Antiques for Sale in South Florida

Cheap Antiques for Sale in South Florida

Antiques camera for sale discount antique shop in South Florida

Antiques are relics of the past: they carry the weight of bygone conversations, traditions and “the good old days.” They are a reminder of the extravagances — and the hardships — of another era. Plenty of antiques were created at a time when materials were more durable. Some wooden-carved antiques were even made by hand. Nowadays, we have to pay extra to purchase an authentic oak wood table. Just think, if an antique has lasted this long it will probably withstand the daily grind of modern life. A table that has lasted through 200 years’ worth of meals is probably going to last for years to come. At the American Thrift Stores, you can find hidden treasures ranging from 1930s sewing machines to antique cameras, antique cabinets and antique suitcases.

Sometimes you just want to go antique shopping to own a piece of history. Our antique sewing machines, for instance, were always involved in someone’s day. Whether used in a new pair of pants or knee-length skirts, our antique sewing machines have sown the threads of history.  At American Thrift Stores, we receive new antiques every day, so finding your ideal antique sewing machine is easily feasible. We usually have some Singer & Howe, Wheeler & Wilson or Wilcox & Gibbs machines on display.

American Thrift Stores also carries beautiful antique cameras. These relics of the past seem irrelevant at a time when we can take a picture with a click of a smartphone, but antique cameras used to require professional handling for every image. These cameras are perfect home décor for a vintage trend, with its fashionable leather bag and antique lenses. Cameras used to be hand-crafted from finely polished woods, brass and leather. The golden age of wood cameras lasted from the birth of photography in 1839 to the early part of the 20th century. Now any antique collector would be happy to stumble upon a Kodak or Polaroid classic camera, or Bolex for film cameras. American Thrift Stores carries all these classic antique brands. Every day we receive new shipments of antiques, every day is an opportunity to see what you can find in our stores.

In an era where plastic suitcases are the norm, an antique suitcase from the American Thrift Stores is a quality purchase that can save you half the regular price of a suitcase in today’s market. Shop antique suitcases like Barret & So, Brachers, Finnigan Ltd., F. Lansdowne, Insall & Son, John Pound & Co for half off in our shelves. Plus, antique chests or suitcases can be easily reconditioned as coffee tables. They are not overly decorated, so they really do blend nicely with most furniture pieces. When gazed upon, it fills everyone with intrigue. It invites guests to wonder-what could have been hidden in this chest before? Who owned this suitcase? What mysterious secrets were hidden in this personal storage space of history? And it is a great conversation-starter for any get-together.

Antique shopping is a great, new hobby to take up. You can even find valuable pieces that sell for twice or three times as much as the purchase price- if you find a true collector’s piece. At the American Thrift Stores, you can find hidden treasures every day with new arrivals of antiques delivered to our front doors. What are you waiting for? Come by our American Thrift Stores and experience antique-shopping at its finest.