Cheap Art on Sale in South Florida

Art on Sale in South Florida

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Are you a serious art collector? Or maybe you want to dip your toe in the pastime. At American Thrift Stores there are always rare collectible pieces. We can never predict the type of art that might land on our shelves. Sometimes we receive prints from 1989, and other times we receive original, one-of-a-kind, homemade pieces that might be famous in a few years. In the world of art, you can never judge when a piece will be celebrated worldwide.

Even if art collecting is not your thing, a framed print can only add to your sense of style. If you don’t know what else to do to redecorate, American Thrift Stores is sure to have the right piece for your home. No matter the kind of décor you have at your place of residence, American Thrift stores offers great pieces for an instant “Feng Shui” harmony in the home.
Vintage art adds personality to every room. A black and white print of John Lennon, for instance, adds a statement to any room, sparking interest and conversation. The exquisite vintage art pieces from several decades are abundant at the American Thrift Stores, we’ve got a piece for almost every decade!

Traditional art as well as limited-edition pieces are readily available at American Thrift Stores. Sometimes you may find a piece unknown to the untrained eye, but an art connoisseur will surely know the value of any piece. You can always be sure to find hidden treasures at our thrift stores.

Maybe contemporary art is more your style. New pieces arrive every day our stores. Abstract art can be found in all shapes and sizes- and reasonable prices! Don’t waste your time at over-priced art galleries on South Beach when you could take a stroll into our thrift stores and find what you need at a fraction of the price. Who knows, you may find a piece that is trending now and sold-out at all the regular galleries.

Even brilliant sculptures can be found from a wide range of sculptors at extremely low prices. Sometimes furniture can seem a little empty without any decoration. Sculptures are exactly what you need to dress up a table. A minimal sculpture or figurine in neutral shades like gray, beige, black or white can really compliment your furniture set- not take away from it. Especially if you have white ceramic table tops, a small white figurine would simply enhance the overall “clean” look of the living room.

Shopping for art at American Thrift Stores is always a new experience. You never know what you’ll find. And once you choose a discounted art piece, you will own a timeless item without having to rummage through every art gallery in South Florida. You simply take your pick from the best-value art in American Thrift Stores on the 50% discount days and take home the perfect piece. You can never get it wrong with the American Thrift Stores. Drop by today and find your model art piece on sale!