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Cheap CDs & DVDs Discounts in South Florida

CDs and DVDs on sale discounts in South Florida
Not too long ago, the only place to hear your favorite music or watch the latest motion pictures was to attend a concert or pay for seating at the theatre. With the arrival of vinyl records and projectors, one could easily listen to music or watch movies at home but this personal technology came at a price. Not everyone could afford the luxuries of modern entertainment. However, in this day and age, anyone can afford custom, quality entertainment from the comfort of their own home. Gone are the days of bulky videotapes and cassettes. Now we have CDs, DVDs and digital files that store over ten times the amount of songs that the first cassette could contain. Everything can now be played in sleek and portable formats. Still, just like in the olden days, entertainment does come at a price. The technology has reached a new-age where competition for anything “cutting-edge” is the standard. Recent technologies are costing more and more now that people are willing to pay to own the latest tech trends. But with the American Thrift Stores, you will never have to worry about sacrificing entertainment for costliness again.
We have the most popular titles in music and film throughout our cheap CDs and DVD collections. If you are searching for the latest box-office hit or maybe you want to relax with a rare indie film, you can be sure of finding exactly what you desire. We not only carry classic like “Goodfellas” but also modern-day comedic DVDs like “Bridesmaids.” The CDs consist of chart-topping hits from your favorite musicians from every decade and more. Chances are that if it has been recorded on a CD or DVD, then the American Thrift Stores have it.
If you are a music collector, our vinyl records will leave you gasping in awe. We have a vast collection of vinyl records that are filled with both obscure and popular songs. If collecting vinyl is your thing, you might want to check out our large vinyl section. You might find a hidden treasure not for sale in any major record store- and it might be worth millions. Or maybe you’ll find an unknown band that will teach you how to love again- when all is said and done, you might catch a slight case of melomania after shopping for discount vinyls at our thrift stores. A vinyl record of Etta James, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Guns and Roses, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Hank Mobley, Bruce Springsteen, or Michael Jackson would make an excellent addition to any music lover’s library.
For the movie buffs who want to add more titles to their massive DVD stash, our DVD collection is pretty extensive. You can find any films you might be missing in different genres to supplement more options for movie-night. We have movies from the golden age of Hollywood to the present times. Sure, you could rent a movie on your gaming system, such as your Xbox, for $3.99 and only watch it once- OR- you could purchase the same movie for $1.99 at any of our stores and keep the flick forever! Streaming can be quite expensive in the long run. However, with movies from our stores you’ll have full ownership of the title and can re-watch them over and over again without spending another dime.
If you are looking for the best and cheapest deals in South Florida for your favorite CDs and DVDs stop by the American Thrift Stores. And of course, with our 50% off CD & DVD sales available at all American Thrift Stores, you can turn your house into a prime record store for a fraction of the price.