Cheap Men’s Shoes in South Florida

Cheap Men’s Shoes in South Floridamen shoes for sale discount specials thrift store South Florida

You’re walking down the street on a sunny summer day, when suddenly you feel a big gaping hole fill with water at your heel. You’ve just stepped in a puddle. The shoes on your feet should have protected you, but they’ve been ripped for days and you knew this was bound to happen.  It could have been worse, after all, broken glass on your foot is worse than a little water. But before that terrible scenario comes to fruition, you finally realize-it’s time to get new shoes. When you need a new pair of shoes because your last one ripped, or your favorite shoes are finally caving in, it might be time to replace them.  A new pair of shoes may never replace the shoes you loved, but they are a much-needed investment. At American Thrift Stores, you don’t even have to invest much to find a perfect replacement. We carry brand-name items at thrift store prices, everything from Nike’s, Reeboks, Pumas, Converse and more.

Some sneakers never go out of style, and men’s Converse is one them.  The classic, flat “All Star” pair of converse has always been a part of every generation, ever since Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor invented them. As an American basketball player, little did he know he had just created the most successfully selling basketball shoe in history. American Thrift Stores receives new shipments of designer-brand sneakers every day thanks to our thrift store partners, every day is an opportunity to find the perfect Converse!

If you need cheap dress shoes for a fancier occasion, we’ve got you covered too! Sometimes you need the one pair to be used only one time. Why spend upwards of $200 when you could walk into the closest American Thrift Stores near you and find discounted black dress shoes that go with everything. Add a little shoe-shine and you’re in business. At our stores, the shoes are sold at about half the price, plus 50% OFF on special discount-days! For instance, on our Friday Happy Hour we have 50% OFF most of the store from 4:00pm to 8:00pm every Friday!

American Thrift Stores helps you stay on top of your shoe game, especially during back-to-school season. If you want those new kicks to impress your friends at the food court, or maybe you just outgrew your old ones and need new soles to burn for the new year- American Thrift Stores has it all! Choosing your shoe-style can be hard, but American Thrift makes it easy for you! You don’t have to compromise price with style, you can shop any Calvin Klein or Sperry’s shoes you like and still have money left over for another pair. Boating shoes can get ruined with too much sun-and-beach. It almost causes physical pain when your Timberland’s get ruined with a little salt-water, and yet if you purchased them at the American Thrift Stores, you know you only spent half the price! Now you can even buy two pairs- for every occasion. Drop by American Thrift Stores and pick up your next discounted pair of men’s shoes at thrift-store prices!