Children’s Clothes in South Florida

Cheap Clothes for Kids in South Floridacheap kids clothes in South Florida

We all know how quickly kids outgrow clothes. With every passing month, pants have to become longer, wider, “stretchier” or maybe even magical in order to keep up! However, instead of wasting money on new outfits that will be outgrown within a week, at American Thrift Stores you can find clothes for any age, big or small. The best part are the thrift store prices, which means your child can outgrow the $5 pants and you will have ZERO regrets.

Maybe you have a last-minute celebration and your kids have nothing to wear. Have no fear! American Thrift Stores is here! We have everything from kids suits, kids jackets, kids dress shoes, to kids  dress pants and more. Not only will the children suits only be worn for this one-time occasion, but also your child may outgrow it within a years’ time- why get a brand-new suit? American Thrift Stores carry the latest brands in kids’ fashion from the top designers- Nieman Marcus to Justice tops and bottoms too! Make sure your little one is the sharpest dressed toddler when back-to-school comes around with kid’s fashion from Lucky Brand, the Gap and more! Your child needs to feel comfortable in their own skin around his or her peers so that way they can focus on what truly matters- learning. Browse children’s apparel and find 5 pants for $5, and school shirts from $1.99 and up. Get your back-to-school clothing for half-off today!

Designer baby clothes is also very trendy these days and thanks to our daily shipments of baby clothes, we receive all kinds of brand baby clothes. Shop Petit Bateau unisex onesies or other baby boutique brands offering unique baby clothes at American Thrift. Designer baby clothes are in and it won’t be long until every luxury brand has a baby section of their own. Get ahead of the curve and shop the latest trends only at our American Thrift Stores!

For special costume parties like Halloween or just for playing dress-up, we’ve got all sorts of kids’ costumes at our stores. From Ninja Turtle outfits to Wonder Woman and Batman, find Halloween costumes for kids of all ages, sizes and styles at half the price! If your kid is tired of being a pumpkin for the fifth year in a row, turn your pumpkin into a magical carriage at American Thrift Stores-figuratively, of course. Can’t wait to see your little one’s eyes when they realize you’ve bought them a new costume for this year? Their favorite character no less. And little do they know, you only bought it for at a substantial discount! American Thrift Stores receives new shipments daily, which means if we don’t have your latest Disney movie costume or animated series, we will soon carry it in our stores. You must drop by and keep an eye out for the “one”!

All in all, American Thrift Stores can help you build a great wardrobe for kids, teens, tweens and everything in between!  We know boys and girls love to play outside on sunny Florida days. You don’t have to let a ruined pair of jeans ruin your kid’s day out in the sun. Now you can get unlimited pairs of jeans and shirts for up to 50% off specials only at American Thrift Stores, so one ripped pant is not the end of play-time. Shop children’s jeans, children’s tees, children’s dresses, children’s skirts, children’s sweaters, children’s outerwear and more all at our American Thrift Stores- the best-value thrift stores in South Florida!