Discount Mattresses in South Florida

Discount Mattresses in South Florida

cheap mattress South FloridaYour mattress is the foundation of a restful slumber. If you’re in the market for a new mattress and have recently taken a stroll down the aisle of a bedding store, you probably found that decent beds today require a payment plan. Nowadays, a good night of sleep is worth many nights of sleep struggling over your finances first. However, at American Thrift Store, we have mattresses in “like-new” condition for a fraction of the price. The mattresses can be packed and taken home right from the store!

Nothing beats having a great night sleep after a hard day’s work.  Low-quality mattresses will make you feel uncomfortable and even bring consequences the next morning. Rather than suffer in silence, why not achieve the “dream” you’ve always wanted, literally! If you want to plunge into a deep-sleep on the plush layers of viscoelastic foam, our Tempur-Pedic brands are right in our stores. American Thrift Stores carries all sorts of designer-brand mattresses, including the famous Tempur-Pedic beds with its noteworthy material that responds to your body’s temperature, weight and shape. All Tempur-Pedic products at the American Thrift Stores can improve your health and posture.

Our Memory foams mattresses are also available at American Thrift stores, where we know that sleep is important but your wallet is too. Memory foam mattresses offer supreme comfort as the bed contorts to the shape of your body.  Did you know memory foam was originally invented by NASA  to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers? Our memory foam brands come in all shapes and sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, Queen, King and even California King!

If you prefer a more traditional mattress for your bedroom, be sure to check out our spring mattress selections at the American Thrift Stores. Our spring mattresses are in excellent condition and offer great support, especially for your back. The mattress must be somewhat firm to medically deter back pain. Modern spring mattress cores, often called “innersprings,” are made up of steel coil springs, which offer sturdy firmness and support. To minimize stress on your cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine- get your ideal quality spring mattress at American Thrift Stores today! We have “50% off” furniture deals, so on those days don’t miss your chance to own the best sleep of your life!

You don’t have to look long when shopping for half-priced mattresses, American Thrift Stores has all the products you need in the sizes and budget that’s right for you! From the “Amerisleep AS2” to “Tempur-Pedics,” “Sealy Optimum” and more, shopping for high-quality respected mattress brands has never been easier! Check out our mattress discounts today.