Local South Florida Thrift Stores Give $1,500 in Cash to Customers

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Local South Florida Thrift Stores Give $1,500 in Cash to Customers

LAUDERHILL, FL, DECEMBER 27– American Thrift Stores gave away $500 at each store location in South Florida to customers on Friday, December 22nd for a grand prize total of $1,500 in cash. The cash prizes concluded an Anniversary Holiday Sweepstakes Giveaway that the stores ran prior to the cash drawing. Customers were thrilled to receive this cash just in time for the holidays.

Martha Corrales was just spending another day shopping at American Thrift-Lauderhill for terrific deals, when she entered the raffle for the $500 cash prize. Little did she know that night she would be announced the winner and receive hundreds of dollars while shopping for Christmas presents, “It was that time of the year when, unless you have a Christmas savings fund, you’re on a tight budget. And this prize certainly paid for all the past Christmas shopping I’ve done.” At first, she didn’t expect this bit of holiday help, however she was pleasantly surprised to be a grand prize winner. After hearing her name, she paused and slowly raised her hand, admitting later that she was in shock, “I memorized the numbers of my ticket and when he [staff member] read them aloud, I thought I had remembered them wrong and had to look again at my ticket, just to double-check. Then I felt so blessed to have won.”

American Thrift Stores carried out these Holiday Sweepstakes to celebrate their 20-year anniversary. These local thrift stores have become a staple to the community of South Florida in their respective locations. The typical thrift store shopper is a loyal customer who is always looking for the best deals. In a quality thrift store such as American Thrift, you can find high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Hermès, Rolex, No Ka’oi, Michael Kors and more for only a fraction of the standard retail price.

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Many customers conducted their holiday shopping at the stores, scoring amazing finds for friends and family. The holiday sweepstakes went on for 7 days between December 16th and 22nd. Many customers won prizes such as $25% OFF coupons, 300 reward points and more. Joanna Pahl and her son, Bobby Blair, are frequent shoppers at the American Thrift Stores in West Palm Beach. They were simply digging through the racks to see what presents they could muster when they realized Blair’s ticket had been declared the lucky $500 winner! His smile was larger-than-life, as seen in the picture below.

Naturally, the $500 winners were ecstatic to have won a prize that could be spent anywhere, anytime. For one lucky lady, the prize was especially rewarding. Christine Jeanne-Baptiste was preparing for Christmas as she usually does, attempting to raise $1000 a month for her charitable cause, the “L’Union des Des Femmes Haitiennes Missionnaires de la Floride.” This organization serves Haitians and Dominicans living in very poor conditions by supplying them with food, clothing, social and spiritual education. They also conduct a “Vacation Bible School” every year for two weeks in destitute areas of the Dominican Republic to provide local children with spiritual education, food, clothing and more from their missionaries.

Ms. Jeanne-Baptiste didn’t expect to receive $500 from the American Thrift Stores, but when she did, she immediately knew it was going directly to her organization, “Thanks, American Thrift Stores. We have been very blessed.”

The American Thrift Stores was extremely happy to have contributed to such a worthy cause, “Being in business for twenty years, we have had the opportunity to continuously give back to our wonderful, loyal customers, and this was just another occasion.” commented Michael Arena, General Manager of the American Thrift Stores.

If you would like more information about the giveaway, please call Michael Arena at 561-708-5684, or email addys@pickupsforbreastcancer.org.

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