Recondition Antique Furniture Pieces

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Antique Bookcase as a Bar

Find a bookcase you like? Repaint the piece to effectively cover any stains or minor discolorations. Always apply two coats of paint for the best effect. Finish off the job with some wood polish and you have yourself a brand-new bar. That’s right, bar. Check it out above.

Side Tables as Stools

Some of our American Thrift Side Tables have the great makings of a stool. A side table has all the advantages of a chair except you don’t have to pull out the backrest in order to recondition it as a stool. A side table has such a small surface area that it will take less than one gallon of paint to fully cover. This way you can match your furniture set at home- don’t even worry about clashing!

We have a wide variety of round small, tables that are just the perfect size for a makeshift stool!

Antique secretary as a linen closet

An antique secretary can be an excellent touch of elegance for any room, hiding the contents that might not match the décor. Even though typically these were used for books or correspondence, they can be a place of storage for pantry items or even linen and bedding. Essentially, the antique secretary adds class to an otherwise empty hallway or closet and in doing so, retrieving your bedsheets becomes an extravagant experience.

Antique Chest as Coffee Table

Antique chests or suitcases can be easily reconditioned as coffee tables. They are not overly decorated so they really do blend nicely with most furniture pieces. The chest in the image below is very subtle but when gazed upon, it fills guests with intrigue. It invites guests to wonder-what could have been hidden in this chest before? Who owned this suitcase? What mysterious secrets were hidden in this personal storage space of history? And it is a great conversation-starter for any dinner party.



There’s so much you can do with used furniture piece nowadays thanks to all the DIY trends circulating on the web. If you’re looking to redecorate your home with vintage furnishings and unique pieces at thrift store prices, American Thrift gets new furniture loads daily.